Anti Valentines Day Party

Is your ex a morally corrupt, two timer? When you look at them do you think "FFS, what was I thinking?" We know how you feel and we're here to help with some real life Tinder this February the 14th.

So, if you haven’t yet exorcised that demon from your mind and soul, our crew is here to help you bring on the Single life. Head down to our Anti Valentines Day Party and trade a memento of your ex at the bar for a FREE SHOT and we will work our magic to dispose of it for you for good.

Our DJ’s will be pumping out bangers, with no sappy love songs ruining the vibe the dance floors going to be lit late into the night.

We’ve swiped left in real life and banned your loathsome former ball and chain from the bar for the night, so you can actually enjoy the 2 FOR 1 DRINK DEALS (ALL NIGHT LONG FOR SINGLES) with other decent human beings.

We don't actually know which one's of you are not single, and hey it's 2020 it doesn't matter anyway, so everyone gets 2 FOR 1 DEALS on selected spirits ALL NIGHT LONG.