Points & Credits

First things first, you need to register a payment card.

Payment card registering

Registering your card is easy and secure. Simply go to the ‘Payment’ tab in your ‘profile page’, click on ‘Add Payment Method’ and follow the instructions.


You earn 5% of your bill back in ‘points’. There will be opportunities to boost your points earning so keep an eye out for these! You track your points tally at the top of the app homepage. You need to convert your points to ‘credits’ when you want to pay with them, see next point.

Convert Points to Credits

On the Club homepage you will see a promotional tile to convert your points into credits. Credits are basically cash. Click on the tile and follow the instructions to convert the amount of points you want to convert and use. You will see, at the top of your homepage, your points total goes down and your credits (£s) have gone up according to the number of points you have converted.

What Credits Get You

It’s up to you! You can use them as you earn them on drinks and food in our venues.

A tip on credits: You need to pre-load your points to credits before you pay your bill. The bill will always use your credits before using your credit card. For example, if your bill is £10.00 and you have £5.00 in your credit pot, the app will use the £5.00 in your credit pot before adding the outstanding £5.00 to your registered credit card. This is a good way for you to manage your points and credits. For example, if you want to use your points as you earn them then remember to convert them into credits. If you want to save up your points for something else we will be sending out offers you can buy with your credit so watch this space!

A tip on credit payments: The use of your credits will be shown clearly in ‘My Activity tab’.  When processing the transaction the discount will not show until the payment button has been hit. Once you’ve paid, go to the ‘My Activity’ tab in your profile page on the app and click on the ‘My Activity’ tab to see your bill. Click on the bill and you will see your credits have been used.