Featured Album Week 5: Dope Lemon - Honey Bones

Week 5: Dope Lemon - Honey Bones

Our Comments:

Adding a new string to his bow after his success as a duo with his sister and also his solo career, Angus Stone brings a full band together combining his chilled vibe with rock and roll jam sessions.

Honey Bones is classic coastal rock and features a varied balance of upbeat and mellow tunes which is what we’ve come to expect from professional chiller Stone. This super easy listening album is full of raw guitar riffs and good vibes which slot straight into our Belushi’s day lists.

You’ll be hooked on Dope Lemon after hearing Uptown Folks and you’ll add it to your playlist after hearing arguably the album’s most popular song ‘Marinade’.

Already working on a new EP ‘Houndstooth’ you can expect to hear this on the Belushi’s system as soon as it’s released with lead track ‘Home Soon’.

Top Tracks you’ll hear at the bar: Uptown Folks / Honey Bones / Marinade

When you'll hear it: Breakfast & Daytime