Urbanfest Featured Album: Milky Chance / Blossom

Our Comments: The Berlin based duo Milky Chance are back with that distinctive growly voice for their second album following up their international success with hits Stolen Dance and Down by the River.

This album sees their unique style of Folky electronica venturing into reggae at times. Keep an ear out for the cheeky harmonica solos that come and go adding a slightly new dimension to their sound.

Overall the album is pretty upbeat with a bouncy kind of vibe that you'll find hard not to move to. This is an album that will fit right in at Belushi’s and one that you’ll be hearing for quite some time.

Top Tracks you’ll hear at the bar: Blossom / Doing Good / Cocoon / Ego / Firebird

When you'll hear it: You’ll hear this throughout the day at the bar with a couple of the big tracks playing late into the night.

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