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17 Changes Belushi’s bars are making amidst Coronavirus

Adapting our bars to provide the safest and best possible Belushi’s experience for our customers

You spoke and we listened

We sent out a survey to over 500 people to hear about how you feel about eating and drinking out post-lockdown so that we can tailor the Belushi’s experience accordingly. Firstly, thanks to everyone who took part.

Good news is, we’re on the road to re-opening our bars across Europe and we can’t wait to see you again soon. Your insights have been invaluable, allowing us to consider, alongside local government guidelines, the necessary changes you want to see implemented. We want to reopen with your confidence in us at the forefront and provide a stress-free environment ready for when you come back to see us. In fact, our Amsterdam branch is already serving locals their first pints and burgers out of lockdown, and we can’t wait to open more.

In the survey, many of you told us you want the Belushi's experience to be as close to normality as possible (which we want too, trust us) - but we’ve had to put some necessary changes in place to ensure the health and safety of our teams and customers to keep inline with government advice and the social distancing guidelines. But don't worry - we’ll continue to do our very best, serving up a great food and drinks line-up, awesome entertainment and providing the authentic Belushi’s experience.

Here are a few changes you can expect in our bars...

At Belushi’s, the bars will be implementing many changes once they reopen to keep inline with new government advice, but also a few added extras after listening to what you had to say:

  • 58% told us that you expect social distancing measures to be put in place and alongside government guidelines, we are implementing new operational procedures within both customer and team areas of the venue including the bar, restaurants, toilets and high traffic areas, ensuring we can cater for the correct level of social distancing, delivering a safe environment for both our customers and teams. Expect to see signage on the floors to remind customers of the distance they need to keep.

  • More Table Service was a common request across the survey results and so as a result we have launched a new Order and Pay platform, which means you are in full control of your experience during your visit. The new platform allows you to browse menus, allergens, order round and meals as well as add a tip, pay for your order and even split the bill with your friends. If you are based in the UK, and using the Order and Pay via the app, you will also be collecting loyalty points with every transaction that you can then use to redeem back in the bars. Download the app now

  • Following local government advice, we will be making as much use of any outdoor space as possible so that we can serve drinks outside inside the sunshine. This will differ for each venue and the available outdoor space it has.

  • To be proactive in avoiding the spread of the virus, we are encouraging customers to always monitor local government advice and avoid gatherings & self isolating if they experience sickness symptoms in the weeks prior to their planned outing. Vist the WHO website

  • You told us in the survey that a “clean environment” is most important to you when visiting bars and restaurants after lockdown. Whilst we had started on our plan to address operating post-Covid and reviewing our cleaning procedures was a priority, we wanted to ensure that you are aware of the new measures we will be adopting throughout all of our bars in order to preserve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We will deliver on more routine deep cleaning throughout our bars in line with the standards recommended by local authorities including all high traffic and hard surfaces in private and public areas, disinfecting these more frequently.

  • 28% of you said you’d like to see some level of intervention to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus between individuals including things such as face masks and perspex screens, so we will be looking at these options alongside the guidelines provided by the government.

  • 53% of you told us that the availability of hand sanitizer is important. We will ensure that hand sanitizer will be placed throughout our venues, and encourage our customers to practice good hygiene.

  • We have developed a thorough Covid-19 training guide for our staff to ensure that they adhere to the highest health and safety standards within our venues.

  • You told us that the quality of the product and price point are very important to you. We’ve taken this on board and have some awesome inventive new cocktails ready for you to enjoy as well as new craft beers, food and better quality, locally sourced ingredients. Ensuring our products are affordable, especially during these tough times is just important to us as it is to you. If you’re looking to score a great deal now, we are pre selling gift cards that can be used as bar tabs, with an additional +50% credit. Check them out here.

  • One of the main things you guys said you missed the most during lockdown was hanging out with your friends, and we know that there was probably a huge number of events, birthdays and celebrations that had to be done over Zoom, or even worse, postponed! So we have been working on some great packages to ensure that when the time is right and you want to replan that celebration, we will be here ready with a great offer and experience to ensure it was worth the extra wait. Our packages

  • You can now choose to buy value added gift cards. Our value added gift vouchers mean that you’ll get a great deal on food & drink as well as supporting your local Belushi’s.

  • To ensure that personal contact is kept to a minimum, we are encouraging customers to use cashless payments where possible, which you can do via our Belushi’s App (UK only). Download the app now

  • With the implementation of social distancing, naturally our venue capacity will be reduced significantly for a while so we strongly recommend booking a table for you and your party. We will also be taking pre orders for drinks and food ahead of your arrival to avoid disappointment. We also have the option of setting up a pre paid bar tab with our online team before arrival Make a booking

  • We will be “decluttering” and opting for more digital communication where possible including changing over to disposable menus. The same goes for condiments and cutlery which the waiter will now bring out for every new customer.

  • With the “venue environment” coming out as one of the most important factors for you, we will also be looking at our atmosphere management, including things such as our playlists, what is on the screens and also our lighting to provide the most comfortable space for you to relax and enjoy some post lockdown food and drinks, maintaining the true Belushi’s experience.

  • You told us that live music is something you want to see when bars are open (over all other events), so we’ve been looking at ways to enhance the atmosphere through live music, DJ’s and events, doing so safely with social distancing in mind. During lockdown we have been running a talent competition scouting local live music talent that we would like to support when our venues are open and invite them to play as part of our line up. Want to get involved? You can still sign up here

  • We've missed sport as much as you but don't worry, we'll have all the backed up fixtures shown live in our bars.